Raising Happy, healthy gluten-free kids

Been-there-done-that! I can relate! The only difference is that I was doing it back in the 1990s, when gluten-free foods – if they existed – were a cross between sawdust and lead weights. Seriously inedible. (For my story, see “How I got into this”).

Again, there’s way too much to cover about raising happy, healthy, gluten-free kids on this website. Ahem – that’s why I’ve written 6 books! Take a look at them … you’ll find all sorts of tidbits like:

  • Autism, ADD, ADHD, behavioral issues, and how they relate to gluten
  • Dealing with sitters, school, and family
  • Sending them to school
  • Holidays
  • Camps, sports, and other special considerations
  • Snacks-on-the-go
  • Meal suggestions
  • Eating out at restaurants
  • Giving your child control – from DAY ONE!
  • Travel tips
  • Medical, nutritional, and scientific information
  • Your legal rights