Living and LOVING the gluten-free lifestyle

So you’ve decided to go gluten-free – WOOHOO! Okay, you may not be shouting “woohoo” just yet… it’s a tough adjustment for some people. If you focus on nothing else, remember that the gluten-free diet may be your KEY to better health! How cool is that?!? No pills … no surgery … just a change in lifestyle, and you’ll feel like a million bucks!

First and foremost, get one of my books (libraries all carry them!). Hundreds of pages are devoted to helping you learn to live – and love – a gluten-free life. You have all sorts of logistical things to think about: prepping your kitchen, stocking your shelves, finding affordable options, cooking your faves, and avoiding cross-contamination.

But there are lots of psychological, emotional, and social implications, as well. How do you eat out at restaurants? Can you attend social functions without starving or compromising your health? How do you talk to friends and family about this? What if you’re just not dealing well with it … there are emotional ups and downs, for sure!

Again, this site isn’t the place to delve too deeply into this – but that’s what my books are for. Every question you have is answered, and you have my personal promise that you WILL learn to love the gluten-free lifestyle!