Gluten-Free Guru

As “The Gluten-Free Guru” (yeah, I can get used to that! – Thanks, People!), I do lots of stuff.  My passion is to help people learn to live – and LOVE – the gluten-free lifestyle.  Doesn’t matter to me if they’re going gluten-free because they have celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, autism or autoimmune diseases, or if they do it because they think it’s cool.  I want people to realize that being gluten-free may just be the best thing that ever happened to them – I want them to embrace the lifestyle and celebrate their improved health!

Since 1991 I’ve acted as an advocate of sorts.  I’ve become an expert not just on the gluten-free diet, but on the myriad medical conditions that benefit from it.  I’ve worked side-by-side with the world’s most renowned researchers in celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, helping to take their science and disseminate it into terms we all need to understand.

I’ve done plenty of my own research, too.  My books are published by some of the world’s largest publishers – you’re not allowed to make stuff up!  Every word has been fact-checked, and some of the world’s most respected researchers and clinicians have reviewed and approved the content.

I’ve worked hard to improve the gluten-free options we have, both in stores and restaurants.  For more than a decade I’ve worked with some of the nation’s largest retailers to help them provide gluten-free foods that are more affordable, available, convenient, and edible.  Yeah – 20 years ago, gluten-free foods tasted more like cardboard-meets-sawdust.  It was my mission to help change that.  I started reaching out to restaurants years ago to encourage them to create gluten-free meals and menus.

I’ve been honored to speak at the International Symposium on Celiac Disease … and hundreds, if not thousands, of other venues.  My message is always the same:  Let me help you to live – and LOVE – the gluten-free lifestyle!  Yep … gluten-free is good for me!  And for lots of you, as well….